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Cornell Students Produce Eco-Friendly Fertilizer

How would you like to feed your plants trash? Thanks to students at Cornell University, you can do just that. But this is not your ordinary trash - this is reprocessed trash. Originally started at Princeton, a branch of the company has wiggled its way into Cornell.

Literally everything used in the creation of this eco-friendly fertilizer would have ended up in a landfill somewhere. TerraCycle create its products by feeding trash or garbage to red worms. The red worms consume the garbage and their waste or "worm poop" is collected, liquified and packaged in reused 20 oz. plastic and misprinted gallon containers.

Their two products currently available are TerraCycle Plant Food spray and ProFusion, an organic plant stimulant for hydroponics nutrient solution. These products are 100% organic and have been shown to outperform their chemical competitors.

The business was co-founded by Tom Szaky and Jon Beyer at Princeton University. They were contacted by Steve Kurz from Cornell, who read about their unique concept. Kurz thought that an entrepreneurship network between two highly recognized schools with the required resources, knowledge and skills could form the foundation necessary to develop a superior organic plant food.

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