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Common houseplant pests - avoiding them

Pests are commonly introduced into a garden by including an infested plant from the outdoors.

Avoiding common houseplant pests
# Before you transplant an outdoor plant indoors always check the plant carefully. If the plant is pest or disease ridden do not include the plant into your indoor garden. It won't be long before those pest move on to other plants and increase greatly in numbers.
# Plants purchased at garden centers and nurseries should be quarantine for about 2-3 weeks before introducing them into your existing garden. Nurseries are prone to pests and diseases as well.

Aphids - plant pests

All plants (outdoors or in) are susceptible to pests and diseases. Many insects such as mites are common indoor pests which can cause alot of damage to plants. Not all pests will kill the plants. In some case the pest is simply a nuisance that destroys the beauty of your plant by feeding on the flowers or causing spotted or discolored leaves.

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