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Introduction to Carbon Dioxide Co2

Plants require a few basic components to grow healthy and vigorously. Nutrient rich water solution, light, ventilation and, of course, Co2 to convert light into usable energy. In Co2 rich gardens, especially hydroponics gardens, plants experience increased growth rate, exhibit thicker, lush foliage, higher yield and more branches.

Earths' atmosphere is approximately 300-400 parts per million (PPM) of Co2. Increasing the amount of available Co2 to 1200-1500 PPM can grow plants up to three times faster.

As always, a single element will not likely lead to increase growth, yield or foliage. All required elements (nutrient, co2, light, temperature and humidity) need to be provided and balanced for best results.

It's difficult to impossible to regulate the levels of Co2 in outdoor gardens. Indoors Co2 levels, however, is much easier to regulate and control. Increased levels of Co2 will accelerate photosynthesis.

Before you add Carbon Dioxide
There are a few ways one can include supplemental carbon dioxide to their garden.

* Make sure your greenhouse or indoor garden is tightly sealed to prevent the Co2 for escaping.

* Maintain your Co2 levels using a Co2 regulator and monitoring system to main the maximum levels of carbon dioxide.

* Co2 is heavier than ambient air and an oscillating fan should be used to circulate the air in the garden.

Adding Carbon Dioxide to your garden - (Injection system)
For very small grow areas, bottled carbon dioxide injection systems are a good choice. Injection systems are fitted with regulators, solenoid valves and flow meters for precision. Injection systems do no produce toxic gases, heat or water, however, they are more expensive to use than the alternative, Co2 Generator.

Carbon Dioxide Generators
Co2 generators actually produce Carbon Dioxide gas by combustion. While Co2 generators can burn a fossil fuel, propane or natural gas are the most widely fuel.

Co2 Generator safety
In addition to generating Co2, heat and water are byproducts of combustion. Therefore, careful monitoring of temperature and humidity is required.

Additionally, fuel that didn't burn completely may produce deadly gases such as carbon monoxide. If you decide on a Co2 generator, be sure to provide adequate air circulation.

Co2 Generators are better for larger grow areas and greenhouses and can be up to six times less expensive to operate than bottled injection systems.

If you add supplemental Co2 to your garden, plants will use nutrient, water and space rapidly, therefore, you will have to make adjustments to these elements when required.

(Safety) - High levels of Co2 can be toxic to plants, pets and humans. Avoid raising Co2 levels above 2000.

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