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Small Area Indoor Gardening Using Containers

By Rion Piccaro

Gardening is a hobby that is growing in popularity. Many garden enthusiasts enjoy spending their time growing herbs, flowers, vegetable, and fruit indoors throughout the year. You can gain a true sense of accomplishment when you create beautiful flowers, heirloom tomatoes or fresh basil after few months or even weeks of caring for your garden.

Besides providing nutritious food and pleasant aromas, indoor gardens can also add life and beauty to a room and has been said to add a layer of comfort and warmth to the residents of the home. Indoor plants are great for providing oxygen and improved air quality in a home or office.

There are many types of indoor gardens that could be designed. You could have a vegetable garden, flower garden, herb garden, hanging gardens, fruit gardens and bonsai gardens. You can also mix and match any and all of the above to your liking.

As with the many projects, there are necessary supplies that you will need in order to enjoy garden success. There are plenty of tools available to help you make your plants and flowers grow bigger, stronger and faster. The most important element that needs to be replaced indoors is the sun. The proper grow lights are critical to your garden success. There are a variety of lights specifically made to grow plants including fluorescent, high intensity discharge (HID) and LED grow lights.

No Room For An Indoor Garden?

Containers and small pots can be used to grow plants on counter tops, windowsills or you can stack them in a shelving system to save room and allow you to organize your plants vertically. Container gardening is also useful when you need to move the plants around for even light coverage or to clean your grow area.

When choosing containers for your indoor garden, you will find that there are lots of sizes, designs, and colors of containers and pots to choose from. Using plastic containers for your plants is economical, however, many people like the look of hand crafted clay containers for their plants. Some gardeners use all kinds of items found around the house. You can use containers that are very attractive and give a very natural look to the room. There are some great wooden containers made to look like old whiskey barrels that are another great choice for indoor gardening containers.

Indoor gardening is a fun and satisfying hobby and there is a lot of great information on the Internet for the beginner and even the seasoned gardener to learn from. There are also scores of manufacturers offering basic and high-tech devices and tools help the indoor gardening enthusiast to get professional results out of their plants.

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Happy Indoor Gardening!

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