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Who Else Wants LED Grow Lights

Modern day gardening is not going to look just like it did a hundred years back, and LED grow lights are one more advancement that is making gardening much more fruitful as well as efficient. How come gardeners are choosing these types of grow lights, and are they good for you?

We all know that plants need three basic things to grow - good soil, water and light. Grow lights have traditionally been fluorescent. While these are helpful for a few phases of the plant's growth, neon lighting is suited best for leafy plants or even vegetables. These lights do not grow plants well that flower, either.

While fluorescent lights don't create the high heat of incandescent bulbs, there is just not enough light output for plants to thrive when placed far enough from the plant to prevent dehydration. These bulbs also contain mercury, so this has to be considered when disposing of bulbs.

What is the best answer then? LED grow lights have turn out to be the fresh answer for home gardeners of all kinds. These types of lighting had been 1st designed for use in electronics, yet have been modified with regard to a wide range of use. These are some of the most environmentally friendly lights obtainable, and offer a host of advantages.

LED grow lights create almost no heat, and gives a higher light end result. That leads to a reduction in electricity expense while offering the light output of halogen lights. While the expenditure may be a bit more around the front side, LED grow lights last up to half a dozen times longer compared to fluorescent lighting (lasting up to 60,000 hours).

LED light systems are used primarily by gardeners who grow plants indoors. These gardeners may have young plants started in the spring before putting them outdoors, or they may be simply providing light for houseplants.

The system for LED growing lights is very simple. Unlike other lighting systems that require ballasts and other outside equipment, such as reflectors that are cooled, and duct work, none of these are necessary for LED lights.

You will want to consider the amount of natural light the plants get, and just how long they'll be inside. Research the warranty, and then it is as easy as plug and grow. The majority of Led lights already come wired and ready to go.

The potential offered for indoor gardening is exciting as we continue to explore the possibilities of LED grow lights, combined with new growing technologies such as hydroponic gardening.

Whether you have a small area of houseplants, or own a nursery or greenhouse, LED grow lights can be installed easily and inexpensively. Every gardener wants the best results - with thriving, healthy plants - and owning LED grow lights are a great way to ensure your plants are growing with optimal results.

About the Author: Danielle DeVoyee is a hydroponic gardener enthusiast, to get more specific information on LED grow lights visit my website where you will also find many articles on gardening and preparation, lighting, nutrients, tomatoes and much much more. gardeninghydroponics.org

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