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A Must Have For Indoor Gardening - LED Lighting

By Colin Scott

Indoor gardening provides consumers with an opportunity to cultivate their own flowers, herbs and vegetables throughout the year. People who live in apartments or colder climates, most times indoor gardening will be the only practical option. But, just recently constant, bright lights had been a problem for indoor gardeners. Two of the popular choices for indoor grow lights were the metal halide bulbs and the high pressure sodium bulbs, which combined to form HID lighting or high intensity discharge.

HID lighting generates a great deal of blue spectrum lighting, meaning it imitates the sunlight. But, "high intensity discharge" implies that these types of lights take a lot of energy. This means that for those who care about the sustainability of the environment, the percentage of energy that the HID system would take is a serious problem.

Now, technologies advancements provide "LED grow lites" for indoor gardeners. The LED is short for "light emitting diode", and this is much more energy-efficient when compared with other types of lights. In comparison to HID growing lights, the LED growing bulbs will use only a small fraction of energy. Additionally, these lights also generate much less heat. Improved energy efficiency indicates that gardeners are able to reduce their carbon footprint whilst still experiencing indoor gardening experience.

However, it did not seem practical to grow plants with LED lighting initially since the light produced wasn't as powerful as the HID bulbs. But, in recent times technology has advanced to make it simpler for gardeners to grow with these LED systems. Recognizing that plants just use red along with blue spectrum lighting for the development process, the LED manufacturers have began to make the lights which only generate blue and red light.

Finally, nursery owners and botanists are now seeing the benefits of using the "LED growing lites". These people fully understand that growing with LED system will be the coming trend, so they have started cultivating plants which thrive especially with these indoor lights.

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Article Source: A Must Have For Indoor Gardening - LED Lighting

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