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UV Ultra Violet Ozone Generators - Are They Safe for a Hydroponics Indoor Grow Room

Many Hydroponics gardeners have experienced problems with plant odor, mold, mildew, and even mites that contaminate the air. The best solution to eliminate these problems is a UV (Ultra Violet) ozone generator. Ozone, when properly used, is the most effective, dependable method of odor elimination.

An ozone generator releases ozone (O3) into the Hydroponics indoor gardening area eliminating plant odors. However, some people may have questions over the safety of using an ozone generator indoors.

One common misconception arises from the association of ozone with smog and pollution. Ozone is usually mentioned in pollution and climate change news stories, however, ozone is not a greenhouse gas. In fact, ozone plays an important part in protecting life on Earth by absorbing potentially harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Ozone is basically just oxygen (O2) with three, rather than two, molecules. A natural gas, ozone is created when air in the atmosphere is bombarded with ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. Ozone can also be created artificially by devices using high voltage electrical currents. Ozone is able to kill odors because it releases its third molecule, which then acts as a sort of "predator" of other odors by binding to their sources and eliminating them.

For this reason, ozone generators have been popularly used by commercial establishments for years as a means of purifying and deodorizing the air.

If you garden in a Hydroponics indoor grow room, an ozone generator may be the most cost effective solution as compared to other types of air purification systems. The inline ozone generators are very energy efficient and economical to use, and you do not need to throw them away and buy new as you do with carbon filters. They are also small and easy to fit into practically any type of grow room exhaust system. UV ozone generators are available on our site in 4" to 12" sizes to handle both large and small indoor grow rooms.

Are there any dangers to worry about? Ozone generators are safe so long as they are installed and operated properly. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have certain standards for safe levels of ozone in occupied areas, which all manufacturers follow.

If your Hydroponics indoor grow room is not occupied, there is no danger using an UV ozone generator. The safe levels required only apply to rooms in which there are people or animals present. If there are people or pets in the area of the UV ozone generator, the room should be well-ventilated and the ozone generator set at safe levels.

The UV ozone generator should be synchronized to run when your exhaust fan is on. Using a timer to run this device when the exhaust fan is activated will turn the generator on with proper ventilation. You can then arrange your Hydroponics plant maintenance time around the exhaust system cycles, and ozone will only be released when you are absent from the indoor grow room. This will solve any concerns about safety and ozone. The short bursts of ozone emitted by ozone generators turn back into oxygen generally within 30 minutes.

Remember, ozone is only dangerous at high levels. You can work in your Hydroponics grow room so long as the room is well ventilated and the generator is kept at a safe level setting or off. In fact, ozone exists naturally in the air we breathe regardless of whether there is a generator around or not. Dangers arise only when the ventilation is not sufficient to handle the amount of ozone produced by the UV ozone generator.

If you are venting directly outdoors, UV ozone generators do not produce enough ozone to endanger the areas outside of your Hydroponics grow room. Vented ozone quickly dissipates in the surrounding air. The possible dangers only apply to confined areas in which the ozone can build up if the settings are too high or the ventilation is inadequate.

One point to repeat is that ozone is not a greenhouse gas! If you closely read those articles about the ozone layer, you will find that scientists are actually worried about the depletion of the ozone layer, i.e., too little rather than too much ozone.

The benefits of using a UV ozone generator which will, not maybe, eliminate plant odor, mold and pests far out weigh the small inconvenience of performing your Hydroponics plant maintenance during times the inline ozone generator and exhaust system are cycled off. In addition, humidity will not affect the performance of UV ozone generators, which is extremely valuable in an indoor grow room and high humidity state.

Every Hydroponics gardener worries about mold, mildew, pests and plant odor. Since a UV ozone generator also can be used to sterilize your grow room at the end of your plant cycle, every worry is eliminated with the single purchase of a safe to use UV generator.

About the Author:

Marcia Price is a specialist in Hydroponic Systems and Big Blue Ozone Generators. An indoor grow room is very eco-friendly, and removing plant odor is a must. Growing plants in water is an ecologically sound decision, with no water or space waste, ground or water contamination, or top soil erosion. Hydroponics is the future for gardening and crops. To purchase a Big Blue UV Ozone Generator, or start your own eco-friendly Hydroponic system, visit Natures Hydroponics.

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