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Ozone Generator - Air Purifiers Will Eliminate Hydroponics Plant Odor and Mold

Whether you are a commercial gardener or you enjoy growing plants as a pleasant hobby, keeping your indoor grow room and gardening area free of powdery white mildew, mold, pests such as tiny spider mites, and the inevitable Hydroponics plant odor, can be a repeated frustration. As your seedlings mature, so does the plant odor they produce. Because of its design, an ozone generator doesn't just mask such problems, it eliminates them. To understand the process involved, you need to understand the properties of ozone and the value of producing it in your green house or Hydroponics indoor grow room through an ozone air purifier.

Ozone (O3) is actually oxygen (O2) with a third molecule attached to it. A natural element, it is created when oxygen is exposed to high intensity ultra violet rays. It can also be produced mechanically by exposing air to a high voltage electric arc. Known for years as a powerful deodorant and disinfectant, ozone has been used for years in Europe as well as the United States for water purification. It is also a primary source of air purification at the smoke-filled casinos in Las Vegas. The ozone generator has become a powerful weapon for gardeners as well. It eliminates Hydroponics plant odor by releasing that third molecule to attach and destroy not just unpleasant smells, but mold, mildew and parasites as well. An ozone air purifier is also excellent for sterilizing your Hydroponics grow room at the end of the plant cycle.

The ozone generator offers many benefits over other types of odor-eradicators. It reacts to and wipes out Hydroponics plant odor instead or just covering it temporarily at a tenth of the cost of its competitors, a really energy-efficient system. Compact in size, the ozone air purifier comes in a range of 4 inch to 12 inch diameters to fit in standard ductwork with very easy installation. Customers simply choose the size that most fits their individual growing area needs. For example, a 4 inch ozone unit can be used in you're a/c and garage ductwork. Another very popular ozone air purifier model and size unit is the 8 inch Big Blue Ozone Generator, which has 3 UV-C germicidal lamps that can be individually controlled and used one at a time or in tandem, as the growth cycle progresses and odor density increases.

This unit is designed to work faster in small spaces or to handle the bigger requirements of larger areas. An existing exhaust fan size of up to 800 cfm can be used with the ozone generator. The 8 inch diameter Big Blue produces 2250 mg/hr of ozone. Of course, there is a choice of smaller and larger duct units available for specific needs. Another nice feature of this ozone generator is the fact that it is not affected by high humidity, a problem in some parts of the country.

In addition to being light weight, energy-efficient, and easy to install, the ozone air purifier requires very little maintenance. Replaceable germicidal UV-C lamps will be effective about 14 - 18 months with continuous use. Because you can choose to use only one lamp at a time during periods of reduced green house odors, you can stagger your lamp usage with the individual controls on the units. This will mean that you will not need to replace all lamps at once, saving you time and money.

An ozone generator and air purifier will be a powerful, effective, and reliable odor eliminator in your hobby or business Hydroponics gardening environment. For between $250.00 and $550.00, with free shipping available on our site, you can purchase an ozone air purifier for your particular gardening needs.

About the Author:

Marcia Price is a specialist in Hydroponic Systems and Big Blue Ozone Generators. An indoor grow room is very eco-friendly, and removing plant odor is a must. Growing plants in water is an ecologically sound decision, with no water or space waste, ground or water contamination, or top soil erosion. Hydroponics is the future for gardening and crops. To purchase a Big Blue UV Ozone Generator, or start your own eco-friendly Hydroponic system, visit Natures Hydroponics.

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