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Flood Drain AKA Ebb Flow

Ebb & Flow AKA Flood & Drain is a hydroponics growing technique which involves cultivating plants in rockwool cubes or small pots filled a soilless media such as grow rocks. Ebb & Flow hydroponics setup is typically two levels; The tray on top and the reservoir down below.

Ebb and Flow Hydroponics

Ebb and flow is a simple technique to learn and it's very effective for growing plants hydroponically. The deeper the system, the better. Newer ebb and flow systems are much deeper than older ones resulting in a larger reservoir, better Ph and CF level and less time maintaining your grow room.

Additional notes:
You need to consider a few things before purchasing a pump for your system. If your not familiar with hydroponics or ebb and flow systems, you should probably purchase a complete setup from a hydroponics supply store. Search our site to find one.

The pump you select must be powerful enough to transport water to the tray. However, if it is too strong it will create a fountain. Check the power rating on the pump which is usually in HEAD. If the pump has a rating of 2 feet of head, that is the maximum height water will be pumped (2 ft.). Some pumps ratings are in PSI (Pounds per Sq. in.). To determine the HEAD, multiply the PSI by 2.31.

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