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How to Use an Ozone Generator

By Zach Waldman

Indoor gardeners can use ozone generators to disinfect and deodorize their grow rooms. Before going this route, you should be aware of the pros and cons as most people consider using ozone as a last resort.

Although ozone generators have been available for a long time, they were designed for industrial use and were way too big and expensive for the casual urban gardener. They work by safely altering the molecular structure of offensive micro-organisms. The result is the elimination of foul smells and the death of mold, bacteria, and fungus.

Ozone generators are safe. However, some people exposed to high amounts of ozone for even a short time can experience problems. The levels of ozone commonly found in grow rooms can cause chest pain, an irritated throat, coughing, and shortness of breath. These problems are usually temporary.

At the same time, there are things you can do to avoid an overexposure of ozone. For example, many of the generators available from hydroponic stores are made to work with your inline ventilation system. By setting it up properly, you can have have the ozone clean the air as it leaves the grow room. This is a good way to avoid concentrated amounts of ozone in your indoor garden.

When using a generator that doesn't work with an inline fan, gardeners try to reduce ozone levels by placing the generator outside of the grow room. However, to be most effective, it should be placed close to the source of odors.

One of the best ways to avoid overexposure is to put your generator on a timer. You can have it turn on for five minutes about every 20 minutes. Ozone is serious business. As a result, you don't need to have it running all of the time to be effective.

Don't be freaked out! You can safely use an ozone generator, but you should be aware of the risks. As long as you limit your exposure and have a good ventilation system, you'll be fine.

Besides, there are plenty of generators on the market that are totally safe; like the Uvonair duct units which use an inline set-up.

If you're worried about the associated health risks of using an ozone generator, there are plenty of alternatives such as carbon filters.

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