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Led Grow Lights: Tips For Successful Plant Growth

Led Grow Lights: Tips For Successful Plant Growth

Author: Pete Bunner

Growing flowers, plants and vegetables with LED lights is a balance of multiple variables including proper and correctly timed nutrition, precise watering, correct room temperature and proper LED lighting coverage design. If you are a veteran gardener this is already known. If you are new to this fascinating world of greenhouse or indoor gardening do not get overwhelmed. Achieving this balance of growth factors is the fun part and should not be stressful. Growing healthy and beautiful plants will be the outcome of patiently adjusting these parameters.

Here are some LED grow light tips to take the guess work out of successful plant growth with LEDS:

- LED grow lights can be placed closer to the plants because of the low heat that the fixtures produce. Always, move your lights closer slowly (over days) and check your plants regularly for any type of heat stress.

- When talking with your supplier ask for light coverage specifications or a lighting coverage design before you purchase LED grow lights.

- Plant type, room size, other lighting sources and budget are all factors to be considered before purchasing. Any reputable distributor or retailer should be able to do this for you. If you are a commercial grower this lighting design can be very helpful in assisting you determine return on investment.

- Watering has to be adjusted with LED grow lights because the soil is not being "baked" by lights that produce high heat amounts. We suggest at least using an inexpensive soil dampness meter if you are growing in soil.

- Monitor before changing to LED grow lights so you have a baseline for your water use. Hydroponic growers will also see less water used also but this level is easier managed because of the centralized water/nutrient source.

- Along with watering be watchful of nutrients levels given to the plants under LED grow lights. The environment is gentler and may need fewer nutrients by the plants to achieve the same amount of growth.

- Environmental conditioning needs to be adjusted because the heat created by LED grow lights LED is less than conventional grow lighting. Room temperature for proper plant growth needs to be a in a certain range for the plants you choose to grow. As a general rule plants optimally grow and flower at temperatures between 68F to 86F.

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About Author:
Pete Bunner loves LED grow lights. He's and LED light expert and the CEO of the LED Lighting Store. For over nine years, he has researched and tested LED plant lights Please visit the online LED lighting store at http://www.smartlightingshop.com for more information on LED grow lights.

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