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HPS Grow Lights And Your Indoor Garden

By Ryan Somerton

Sunlight is key to a plant to grow normally. When growing plants indoors, it is very important to ensure that plants get adequate sunlight. Setting them in or near a window may be impractical, but thankfully, there are artificial alternatives. The HPS grow lights, LED lights, CFL  lights and incandescent grow lights are all choices for supplying natural light to indoor plants.

A grow light is a an electric lamp who's light has been specifically designed to have all of the qualities of natural sunlight that are necessary for healthy plant growth. These are used by indoor gardeners to simulate a natural outdoor environment and help plants and flowers grow to their full potential. The HPS grow light is well known for being energy efficient, and it has a long lifespan providing illumination, which makes it popular with professional indoor greenhouses and gardeners. These lights will normally, with proper care, last approximately two years, while producing nearly six times as much illumination as ordinary grow lights. Another benefit of this particular brand and model is it's use of sodium gas, producing a flower boosting red spectrum of light.

The HPS grow light is meant to be primarily used during the reproductive stage of the vegetation's lifespan, though it can be used in combination with metal halide lighting. Ballasts are required when using the HPS, they ensure that the power level remains constant and the light works smoothly, without any explosions. The fixture also needs to be kept a safe distance from the plants to prevent the heat from burning their fragile leaves, stems, and flowers. For areas with space constraints, using an air cooled bulb system can overcome the need for distance from fragile greenery.

When gardening indoors, the HPS grow light is one of the best options for supplying herbs, flowers, vegetables, or any other plants supplied with natural nutrient providing radiance.

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