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A Great Source Of Organic Gardening Fertilizer

By Allen M Wilson

Sometimes finding organic gardening fertilizer that is truly organic, at a reasonable cost and that is practical to use can be a challenge. Sometimes to find solutions, we have to look outside of the box. There is a different form of organic gardening that takes care of the fertilizer automatically, while reducing the amount of time and work spent with gardening.

What I am talking about is called aquaponics. Aquaponics creates a biological ecosystem to grow your plants in that supplies natural organic fertilizer to the plants automatically. It does this by combining fish with plants. Fish are an excellent source of plant nutrients created by their wastes. These wastes are excreted directly into the water where they are easily absorbed by plants. By circulating water through a grow bed where the plant roots are, the plants get all the water and organic nutrients they need.

In return, the water is cleaned by the plants and returned to the tank to provide a healthy environment for the fish. This solves the problem of getting organic nutrients for the plants, and it solves the problem of cleaning water for the fish and disposing of their wastes. You get plants that grow faster, are healthier, and take very little work to grow. And you also get organically grown fish. This is a way to make fish farming very easy.

One of the reasons this method of growing plants is so easy is, you don't have to deal with soil. Most of the work in gardening involves soil work. But this eliminates cultivating, digging, compost, pulling weeds, watering, and fighting with slugs, snails and all the other garden pests that come with growing plants in the ground. So you will be able to focus more on actually growing plants.

These systems are easy to set up, and can be as simple as a simple fish tank and a grow bed in your living room or greenhouse. Or they can be complex systems that can cover several acres. A simple version can be as simple as attaching a grow bed to a common home aquarium. It can actually be easier than a stand alone fish tank since there is no need for a mechanical filtration system.

With this type of growing, you can grow plants with less energy and only a small fraction of the water that you would use with conventional gardening. The typical methods of dumping water on the ground is very wasteful. It is only a small amount that the plants end up using, and same with fertilizer. With aquaponics, it is a closed system and the water and nutrients are delivered directly to the plant roots, instead of making them search for it in the soil.

If you like the idea of having a garden with built in organic fertilizer, that grows plant faster and with less work, you may want to give aquaponics a try. And on top of that, you will also get organically grown fresh fish, all from the same system and resources.

Get an aquaponics guide that will teach you everything you need to know to get your aquaponics system set up and producing organic fish and vegetables. TilapiaFarming.org

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