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CFL Bulbs for Hydroponics

By Cathriene Zieta

Hydroponics are the a very good way to grow fruits, vegetables and plants at home due to the fact that they do not use soil, and therefore there is minimal mess! To cultivate plants using Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs, you may easily install them where you want to grow your plants properly.

these bulbs are inexpensive to purchase. When you flip on the light switch, an electrical current flows through a combination of argon and a small amount of mercury gas. This gas generates an invisible ultraviolet light that stimulates the phosphorous coating on the inside of the bulb which in turn produces the light that we see.

CFL bulbs, as mentioned above, are the best method for growing food from hydroponics, since they provided the light required for faster plant growth. If you choose to cultivate plants through hydroponics, you can set your garden in such place where you can take good care of the food and the plants receive adequate sunlight. However, if you plan to grow food in your kitchen, these bulbs are useful equipments for providing the light required for the growth of plans, vegetables, and fruits.

If you grow plants outdoors in your garden, they may be susceptible to certain risks like adverse weather, animal attacks etc. By growing plants inside your house, you avert these risks and can take better care of the plants. The CFL bulb will sufficiently provide the appropriate amount of light needed for plant growth. In fact, full spectrum CFL bulbs will make it seem as if your plants are taking in continuous sunlight, even if there are set in a windowless basement.

A full spectrum CFL bulb generates approximately, 6500 kilowatts of electricity. The manufacturer guarantees that is amount is a sufficient temperature that helps in fast plant cultivation. The CFL bulb is made with technology that emulates sunlight, and so it is helpful in growing plants wherever they are planted. Additionally, these bulbs produce a minimal amount of heat, so your plants are safe from any harm that may be caused.

When you choose to use hydroponics for growing plants, you may buy a hydroponic kit that contains CFL bulbs as well. A manual is provided in this kit that provides all the necessary guidelines as to how to use CFL bulbs.

The hydroponics method of growing plants as grown immensely in popularity, owing to the fact that people can so conveniently pursue their hobbies of planting and gardening. The hydroponics method provides all the equipment necessary for growing food at home. Moreover, the CFL light bulbs are useful not only for growing food, but they are a good gardening tool as well. You can grow plants and flowers to beautify your home and create a pleasant interior environment.

As already mentioned, these bulbs are cheap, as the cost for gardening will likely be lower if you use them. Daylight and full spectrum CFL bulbs are usually more expensive than their standard counterparts, but they definitely would not cause a pinch in the pocket! It is a good idea to shop around for the best prices of bulbs.

The Author Cathriene Zieta is freelance writer in local newspaper and magazine covering topics like Hydroponics and hydroponic systems

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