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LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights (light emitting diodes) are a popular alternative to high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps because of their efficiency and small size. The initial cost is higher for LED indoor plant lights, but it can be a solid investment in your hydroponic gardening setup for years to come.

LED Grow Light Advantages

  • Energy-efficiency - LED bulbs produce more light per watt than other types of garden grow lights.

  • No Ballast - Unlike metal halide and high sodium pressure indoor plant lights, LED bulbs do not require a ballast. This saves you money and takes up less space in your hydroponic garden.

  • Long Life - LED grow lights run on very low voltage, making them last for as long as three years before you have to change the bulbs.

  • Low Heat - LED grow lights emit far less heat than comparable high-intensity discharge bulbs. This is ideal for hydroponic gardeners who live in warm climates or those with small spaces that cannot easily be ventilated.

  • Safety - Because they do not give off much heat, LED grow lights will not burn the tips of your plants like other types of indoor garden lights.
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LED Grow Light Disadvantages

  • Price - LED grow lights are cheaper than metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs over the long run, but they can be significantly more expensive to purchase upfront.

  • Quantity - Each LED light bulb is small, so you must purchase a lot of lights to equal the power of other types of indoor plant grow lights.

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