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What Is an LED Grow Light

By Max Whitlethorne

An LED grow light is a growing system under which horticulturalists can grow saplings in similar conditions and climates where the plants may not have to be found naturally.

The lamp is designed to promote the healthy and strong growth of the plants by emitting a special type of light that contains rays from the electromagnetic spectrum that are vital for the photosynthesis process. This is done by the LED lamp imitating the light from the sun and by emitting the same types of light onto the plant. This means that the plant is then getting just about the same type of conditions that it would get if it was growing in perfect climatic conditions.

This process enables plants to be grown on mass in very controlled conditions and therefore allows healthy plants to grown and then be used in our food and medicines. LED does not use too much electricity in comparison to other light sources and is therefore very attractive to indoor growers as it help to save them money and makes their growing more efficient. Also the LED bulb does not give off too much heat meaning that less water is needed to keep the plants healthy and hydrated.

You can get LED lights that are suitable for domestic use so if you are looking to grow healthy fruit and vegetables but fear you do not have the right conditions then it might be worth considering an investment in an LED growth lamp for your greenhouse. If you want to further maximize the absorption of the rays coming from the LED lamps then a really good tip is to line the walls and other large surface areas of your grow room with tin foil as this will help to reflect the rays and bounce them around the room to ensure maximum efficiency.

What about other types of lighting to grow salad greens, vegetables, or flowers indoors? HID lamps are often considered the professional choice, while compact fluorescent lamps or CFL can be a fairly good low cost choice. In any case, be sure to research how exactly to use your choice of lamp correctly so that you do not waste energy, and thereby spend unnecessary money. A good way to limit your power usage is to use timers on all of your light banks, which limit the run time of your lamps to a set maximum per day.

Before you buy a particular type of lamp it may be worth while researching what the relative output of different lamps is. For example, you may need to identify what the CFL lumens per watt are to calculate ho many lamps you will need. In most cases a table of watts-per-area can be used to work out how much power you will need.

All HID, CFL, and leds grow plants perfectly well when properly used, but some basic research will certainly ensure that you start out in the right direction.

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