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Learn How To Grow Delicious Strawberries With Hydroponics

By Kaye Dennan

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil. This is the most modern technique that has blessed the agriculture industry with more yield and returns. Slowly and gradually the use of hydroponic systems in growing strawberries is increasing due to its promising benefits.

Previously it was believed that strawberry growth with hydroponic was not possible as wet feet are not favourable in the growth of strawberries. But once experienced, it the agriculturists accepted it because of the benefits.

The hydroponic method of growing strawberries is increasingly accepted worldwide as the previously used traditional method of cultivating strawberries was posing a threat to the environment. In the traditional method, the farmers need to use Methyl Bromide to fumigate the soil in order to protect the strawberries from parasites. But in 2005 the use of Methyl Bromide was banned due to its adverse effects on environment. Because of this hydroponics has proved to be a blessing for strawberries growing. The process not only gives more yields but it is also an environmentally friendly process.

How to grow hydroponic strawberries?

The process of growing strawberries hydroponically is quite simple and involves the following important steps:

? Cut runners from a mature plant to raise the saplings.

? Keep these cuttings in the Perlite to keep the rooting area humid. Wait for the roots to appear.

? Now dip the roots in microbial mixture, enclose it in plastic cover and refrigerate it for at least four to five months.

? After simulating the winter conditions, keep the saplings in the hydroponic system in a way that roots should sit in the solution. Do not forget to add the hydroponic nutrients to the system.

? The PH level should be from 5.8 to 6.2. To maintain this level, change the solution after every two weeks.

? When the flower opens, brush it to spread the pollens to stamens and pistils.

? Harvest the plant when it ripens.

Benefits of growing strawberries hydroponically:

Strawberries belong to the rose family which also includes apples, pears and plums. Enriched with Vitamin C, strawberries are very nutritious. They are said to have anti-cancer properties.

Following are the benefits of hydroponic grown strawberries against the traditional method of growing strawberries:

? It yields strawberries that are free of parasites and weeds.

? There is no danger of destruction by wild life.

? Strawberries can be produced hydroponically both indoor under artificial light and outdoor in sunlight.

? Temperature is very important for the growth of the strawberries as too much temperature can wilt the fruit and too less temperature will result in to poor fruit formation. With the perfect level of nutrition and temperature, hydroponic strawberries are big, juicy and spotless.

? By hydroponically growing the strawberries one can best utilize the space. They can be grown in piles to use the airspace. As water can reach to the high levels so you can grow stacks of strawberries as high as you want.

? The hydroponic growth of strawberries is not dependent on the season. They can be grown throughout the year.

So growing strawberries hydroponically allows the enjoyment of the true essence of fruit. Although it's initially a little capital intensive procedure it is offset by the high and healthy yield.

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