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Rooftop Hydroponics Gardening Is Becoming Popular For Unit Dwellers

By Kaye Dennan

Isn't it wonderful that people who live in units and apartments can have hydroponic gardens and still reap the rewards of growing their own beautiful fresh vegetables and fruit? There is nothing like picking your own fresh produce for dinner and when you have no outdoor garden a small hydroponic unit is the simple answer.

That's right. So many more people who do not have access to a garden or a courtyard are not able to have a very productive garden using hydroponics right up there on their rooftop.

In saying that, those that do have a balcony on an apartment would also find smaller hydroponic systems invaluable for growing nice fresh tomatoes, strawberries, herbs, lettuces and other vegetables, although of course, a balcony is not always a necessity for growing hydroponically as these plants will grow well under the correct lighting.

Vertical hydroponics

What is so good about hydroponic growing is that it is very productive for the amount of space that it takes up? If you do want to grow a lot and only have a small space a vertical hydroponic garden can be setup and this can still be reasonably small or it can be quite large.

A vertical hydroponic garden could be stepped down but still go upwards, but it can also be set up in such a way that the growing troughs are one below the other and only come about 2 foot out from the wall.

Passive system

Another system that could be used on a balcony, roof top or indoors in an apartment is the passive system where plants are in pots but are fed through the roots from a reservoir of water in which the pots sit and which is filled with nutrient infused water.

Some reservoir systems use submersible pumps and pump the water around but others use it as a passive system and the grow then needs to check the water in the reservoir every few days to see that the level has not dropped too much and the nutrients are correct.

Rooftop gardening

One aspect of rooftop hydroponic gardening is that the garden will have to be protected from the elements. A tent setup will most likely need to be made or a glasshouse setup where the plants can be protected from winds and hot sun.

Either of these setups could also be set up in small courtyards such as in a retirement village and the like.

Types of plants to grow

The most popular plants to grow are strawberries, tomatoes, herbs, lettuces and other leafy plants like spinach. Also flowers grow well hydroponically and this means you could have fresh flowers as well.

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Article Source: Rooftop Hydroponics Gardening Is Becoming Popular For Unit Dwellers

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