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What Is Hydroponics?

What is hydroponics? Hydroponics is a way to grow plants without soil. To do this, using a precise combination of different minerals that contain all the nutrients required by plants for their development and usually gives them the land, diluted in water (nutrient solution) , which is applied directly to the roots of different ways, according to the method of hydroponics is adopted.

Currently, the concept of hydroponics is known worldwide. In the U.S., Europe and Japan there are large establishments for the production of these crops, mainly for the supply of fresh vegetables to the population. Also, the republics of the former Soviet Union encouraged the expansion of hydroponics. There are huge greenhouses that produce food in large quantities under extreme weather conditions.

What Is Hydroponics: Methods

There are many different methods of hydroponics, but they all follow a basic principle, which involves growing plants without soil and without organic matter. Hydroponics is a way of farming that can be applied to any plant, whether for consumption or decorative and can be performed both in open and closed. Within the farming techniques used by man for thousands of years, hydroponics is the most advanced and modern. It is definitely the way to grow in the future.

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