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Soilless Hydroponic Gardening at Home

By Paul Westcott

Every time you have a view on your television sets about how the gardens of Babylon were, you shed a tear as your garden might just as well be confused with a graveyard. Gardening is an activity that can be enjoyed by one and all but that doesn't mean it always necessarily yields great results. And if you want to go green with your plants without using soil, then Hydroponic gardening could be your only hope.

It has been emerging as a highly popular gardening method in the world today and its fundamental lies in growing plants without the presence of soil. Hydroponic gardening basically could involve the use of gravel, water, perlite and often also sand to create the anchoring base for the plants to grow in. Though the concept of homemade Hydroponics might seem juvenile to you, it can be utilized to grow flowers, herbs, veggies, fruits and more just by taking care of the plants in the right way with the wonders of Hydroponics.

The concept of Hydroponic gardening is made to challenge all scientific theories which state that soil is essential in the growth of a plant. In this revolutionary method to grow plants, one has to make sure that the plant gets plenty of nutrients, sufficient light and the perfect medium to grow them in. One can go ahead and experiment with an array of ingredients to make homemade Hydroponics work but nutrients, light and medium will play the most vital role to ensure that the plant grows to be a looker in the absence of soil.

Nutrients are the key to growth and since you won't be using soil in Hydroponic gardening, the plant won't have to use energy via its roots in searching for nutrients so a good nutrient base should be used to ensure that the saved energy is used in good growth by the plant. The right amount of research will have to de done in turn to be accurate with the items one will use to provide nutritional support to the plants. Thus, Hydroponic gardening will need one to be a wise gardener as one will have to know more a plants needs than the conventional gardener.

The amount of light that has to fall on the plants to be grown will depend solely on the type of plant you are planning to grow with Hydroponic gardening. Here you don't have to depend on the sun as one can use metal halide bulbs, fluorescent grow lights, high pressure sodium lights and high intensity discharge lights to ensure that the light source is adequate to make your homemade Hydroponics a success. The perfect medium will need to anchor the plants to the base and also retain the water and some systems desire to have air and water both in their systems so one might have to work on a customized solution as per the plant in question.

The latest innovation in gardening today is Hydroponic gardening without a doubt and one needs to assess all options well to ensure that they have all they need before they begin to grow plants by this innovative method. Facing the facts, it is indeed an interesting way to grow plants and one will not be able to contain the surprise when one sees a beautifully grown plant and comes to know that it was grown in your basement!

Paul Westcott is the author of this article on Homemade Hydroponics.

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