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The Benefits of Hydroponic Gardening

By Melissa Murdoch

There is a long list of benefits from utilizing the Hydroponics System, most of which are the primary reasons why this system is widely accepted around the globe for production of food.

Some of them are listed below:

· You don't need to use soil in hydroponic gardening.
· There is efficient water conservation since water remains back in the processing system and can be recycled.
· There is a high capability of controlling the level of nutrition of the entire process therefore you spend less in nutrition costs.
· Pollution of the nutrition need not be released to the free environment since system is generally controlled.
· Hydroponics achieves high yield and high stability.
· The insects and its related diseases can be easily eliminated from the soil since the container is mobile.

The progress is so fast and the end result has achieved very well-defined advantages compared to most conventional techniques in horticulture. In so many countries, hydroponics has been proven to be generally a practical application. There are two main benefits of the gardening of plants without soil. First, yielding capacity of crops is higher. Secondly, hydroponics might be applied in locations where there is the impossibility of gardening or agriculture on the ground itself.

Aside from being profitable, hydroponics systems have been proven for their great beneficial contribution to people, such as city-dwellers who live on crowded urban streets and find it impossible to have gardens. They can cultivate fruits and fresh vegetables placed on the rooftops. With the application of hydroponics, places like such can still achieve high yield and an ample stock of fresh vegetables. Even in rocky, stony and desert locations in mountainous areas, or even in sterile and arid lands, hydroponics can be applied at a considerably lower cost.

Faster growth of plants and immunity, stability in crops, and the high quality and excellence of the produce are also some of the great advantages. Growing area is also considerably reduced so very little space is actually needed. Weeds practically could not exist, while the old methods and the automatic operations provide lesser cost and less labour.

There are also some disadvantages with the use of hydroponic system.

Hydroponic conditions, with high humidity and application of fertilizer can make a condition that could generate salmonella growth. The other disadvantage is of pathogen attacks which include damping-off because of the Verticillium wilt produced due to high level of moisture as a result to overwatering and hydroponics of plants grown in soil.

Though hydroponics system requires low cost maintenance, setting up a new hydroponic system demands a considerable capital. Many family farm supporters are quick to judge that the hydroponics' technological approach is precisely the variety of venture designed to draw investment. An investment like this will continually dominate American agriculture by the centralization of ownership and capital. Some of the giant corporations like the Control Data, General Mills, and General Electric are doing experiments with fully mechanized hydroponic factories. Some of these ventures often lead to controlled levels of carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere. This technique is called "controlled-environment growing" with respect to this type of technology.

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