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Hydroponic Grow Boxes

Hydroponic grow boxes keep all your indoor gardening supplies in one convenient place. Most hydroponic grow boxes come standard with an indoor plant light, liquid nutrient solution, a growing medium, and all necessary timers and water pumps. The size of your grow box depends on how many plants you want to grow, your budget, and the amount of space you have for your indoor garden.

Hydroponic Grow Box Features

The exterior of a hydroponic grow box maintains the environmental conditions inside your garden. Some grow box manufacturers paint reflective material on the inside of the box to increase the intensity of the grow lamps. The type of grow lamp depends on the grow box you choose. You can find hydroponic grow boxes with LED grow lights, HPS bulbs, compact fluorescent grow lamps, or metal halide light bulbs.

Look for a hydroponic grow box with a cooling fan inside. Grow lights generate a lot of heat, which can damage the plants and increase the humidity to unsafe levels. More expensive grow boxes also include a carbon filtration system to eliminate odor. Other small parts inside a hydroponic grow box include water pumps, timers, pots, and a growing medium. The most common types of growing mediums for hydroponic boxes are rockwool, clay pebbles and Hydroton rocks.

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