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Hydroponic Garden Kits

By Thomas H Jones

The process which stimulates the growing of plants with the solution of minerals and nutrients instead of the soil is called as hydroponic. Even the moist experienced farmers need little assistance when they use the process for the first time. There are several hydroponic kits for the professional farmers and the beginners. A right kind of hydroponic kit contains all that is needed for accommodating the kind of vegetation you want to grow and the conditions as well as the surroundings for the growth of the vegetation.

The hydroponic kits can be used for outdoor farming, greenhouse and for in-home gardening because these kits are adaptable to all these growing environments. Example, some plants need deep water culture so that the roots remain suspended in the nutrient rich solution. The oxygenated water of the reservoir is used to service the various plants. This type of method is perfect for small to medium sized vegetation like herbs, lettuce and small flowers. The method is also useful for larger plants but the varieties of the plants must not be mixed and the plants should be appropriately spaced.

Nutrient film technique is ideal for medium to large sized cultivation and contains the thin layer of nutrient solution that flow over the roots. The plants get the nutrients through air and water solution immersed through the root system. The growth of Romaine lettuce, oriental vegetables, African violets, tomatoes, herbs, kale, mustard greens, and vegetative plants are greatly enhanced with the use of this technique. This technique can also be used by mixing with the deep water culture technique.

Several kinds of hydroponic techniques are available for the growers of ebb and flow system, a sprout garden, propagation and the living wall. Every hydroponic technique benefits different growers and different types of vegetation. The kits can also be mixed and matched to maximize the benefits of each hydroponic kit but there is a need to find the compatible ones.

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