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Grow Box Hydroponics Suggestion Guide

By Archie K Page

Advantage of choosing a hydroponics grow box manufacturer that produces custom built units versus one-size-fits-all variety.

Purchasing a hydroponics grow box is much like purchasing a car. When you purchase a car you do your due diligence. You do everything you can to read and research everything about your new car before you buy. You should be all over the Internet looking for reviews and articles, blog posts, research on forums and find out everything you can about that car before you buy it. You should definitely visit the manufacturers website multiple times and really study that car from top to bottom. You should memorize all this specification and attribute that car has. You know how fast it car can accelerate from 0 mph to 60 mph.. You know how much gas that car use is on the highway and how much gas it uses on the road. And you definitely want to know how much horsepower that car has under the hood.

So why would purchasing a hydroponics grow box be any different? You definitely want to take the time to do the same amount of research on a hydroponics growbox that you would when buying a car because buying the right hydroponics grow-box certainly is a huge decision as well. If you're in the market for a new hydroponics grow box the first thing I would do is go to the website of the manufacturer of the grow box are interested in and study the specifications and the features of that grow box from top to bottom.

What you really want to do is familiarize yourself with the technologies and the features that are available in that in that specific growbox. Every hydroponics grow-box is a little bit different in terms of the features you are actually getting. Don't mistake the clean outer shell of growbox as being as simple as a box. There's a lot more to grow box than what meets the eye. A lot of grow box machines all look the same at first glance. Much like a car might look the same at first glance as most of them have four tires, windshields and a dashboard. But grow-boxes can contain very different components under the hood much as a car has. While in the case of a hydroponics growbox features you would look for is the amount of lighting and wattages used, the fans that are used and they're CFM rating, the size of the carbon scrubber installed on a growbox machines are all very important. These are all need to know specifications that you should memorize to make a good buying decision. Some manufacturers will try to rip you off by lower offering lower quality fans, or a small or nonexistent carbon scrubber that will do little to remove your grow odors. So if you really want to take the time to get to know the details of the website manufacturer as much as possible and really get to know the features and specifications of the hydroponics grow-box that you're interested in .

The next thing you would want to do is take a look at some other manufacturers grow boxes. Now what you want to do is to compare specifications closely. Take a look at the lighting systems for instance. How wattages and lamps matchup? Do the other manufacturers offer features such as vertically mounted florescent lights on their grow-boxes? Beware of manufacturers that simply offer one type primary HID lighting systems and not a variety of various types of lights. You also want to take a look at the size the fans and blowers used on the growbox system. If the growbox manufacturer is simply using inexpensive computer fans to cool the growbox you might want to check with other manufacturers to see if they are offering the same or more powerful fans within your price range. If a manufacturer is using large squirrel cage blower fan to keep their grow-box running cool that is a very good sign. Be sure to pay close attention to the differences in features, options, and fan, as well as lighting when comparing various grow boxes from different manufacturers to one another within your same price range

You should also beware of manufacturers that offer a one-size-fits-all variety grow-box. A lot of growbox manufacturers will try to sell you a hydroponics growbox with just a minimal amount of features and options. This means when you purchase your growbox you're lucky if you can choose more than they a CO2 system and may be some extra nutrients go along with the system you are purchasing. Take a look if the grow box manufacturer offers features and options that you are really going to need into the future. Another thing you can look for when purchasing a grow box is whether the manufacturer offers a system that is totally automated, which takes out all the work of adjusting pH levels and adding water and nutrients your grow box system. This type of automation really gives you back a lot of your time and makes it a lot easier to use your new hydroponics grow box. I would definitely recommend a hydroponics grow box that is capable of maintaining itself. The next thing you would look for is whether or not various grow box manufacturers offer features such as air conditioning to keep your unit running cool. A lot of users will not get high success rates when growing indoors because of their grow boxes run too hot. What you're looking for is the manufacturer that offers air conditioning and very powerful squirrel cage blower fans to keep their grow-box systems running extremely cool at all times.

If you're interested in learning more about hydroponics completely free of charge I would highly recommend checking out this hydroponics grow box website linked with this article. They have a free hydroponics tutorials section that covers the use of grow boxes and how to get the most out of them. Various tutorials include pH adjustment and other necessary skills that you'll need when growing with hydroponics in a grow box or in a spare room.

Hydroponics Grow Box Tips and Suggestions by Archie Page www.homegrown-hydroponics.com.

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