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Use Cloning Kits As a Part of Your Hydroponics Equipment

By Susan Slobac

If you practice hydroponic gardening, a form of indoor gardening that uses no soil yet produces amazing fruits, vegetables, flowers and more, then you will want to give serious consideration to a hydroponics supply known as a cloning kit. This hydroponic supply will enable you to produce a large number of plants very quickly and easily.

The hydroponics supply known as a cloning kit works in this manner: A tray is used to hold plant cuttings in the appropriate place, and at periodic and regular intervals the system emits a fine spray of rooting hormone on the bottom of the cuttings. The hydroponic supply system is such that cuttings develop roots much more rapidly than they do in a soil growing medium. After the cuttings produce roots, they can be grown on as you would any other hydroponically grown plant.

A cloning kit is a mandatory hydroponics supply if you have a great deal of turnaround in the plants that are grown in your hydroponics system. This hydroponic supply is especially useful if you are growing young plants for sale in a gardening center or nursery. You can produce a great many plant starts that can then be sold, and you can keep the process going very easily with a cloning kit as a helpful hydroponic supply.

This sort of hydroponic supply comes in several different sizes. You can find smaller kits that are perfect for a smaller hydroponic gardening operation, and then ranging up in size to larger kits that can produce a correspondingly greater number of plant starts at the same time.

There are other types of hydroponics equipment that you will need in order to grow your plants on to maturity. Growing medium is a hydroponics supply that you will want to keep on hand for use with your new plant starts. Grow lights are another hydroponics supply that you will need to use so that your plants will be able to photosynthesize and grow strong.

Nutrient is a hydroponics supply that is vital for plant health. Nutrient is another name for plant food, or fertilizer, only in hydroponic gardening the nutrient is dissolved in water to form a solution that gets sprayed or washed on the plant's roots. There are a huge variety of different nutrient formulas from which to choose those best suited to the plants you wish to grow.

All of these different types of hydroponics equipment are easily available from an online hydroponics supply outlet.

From years of indoor and hydroponic gardening, Susan Slobac has developed an in-depth knowledge of hydroponics equipment.

Article Source: Use Cloning Kits As a Part of Your Hydroponics Equipment

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