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Building Your Own HPS Grow-Lights

By Mark P Hudson

Many different lighting systems around your home or garden may already use High Pressure Sodium. As you build on to your home or add additional security systems or build a garden, you will need to look into the best lighting system for you to successfully light multiple areas, but without breaking your bank account . This is why many people these days are turning to building their own lighting systems. There are many websites that can help you do just this. You simply pick from an array of different lighting parts, and then follow the steps to have your very own, working lighting system! When building your own grow lighting system for your newly formed garden, you will need to purchase a kit to help you install High Pressure Sodium Ballast lights, which will be the best, most energy efficient lights to help you grow your plants.

Choosing to purchase a high pressure sodium ballast kit will help ensure that your seeds get the best lighting possible at a fraction of the price. They are terrific lights because they will last for a very long time without needing any replacement parts. They also provide consistent bright light so you can grow your plants anywhere at any time.

When purchasing a ballast kit to construct your very own lamps, you don't need to purchase a bunch of individual parts. You will need to follow the steps you will find online, and purchase a kit which will contain a high pressure sodium ballast, a transformer, a capacitator, an igniter and a socket. Included in your kit will be instructions for how to set your kit up and get it ready to provide high powered light to your growing plants. If you are confused by any of the instructions, consult an expert. Do not leave any wires out to be exposed to the elements.

After installing your kit, make sure to test your new ballast lights and make sure that they work properly. Double check that they are set up close enough to your plants to ensure optimum growth. The bulb, when turned on, should immediately begin to glow. If your bulb does not glow, then turn it off and wait five minutes before you try to turn it on a second time. You need to be very careful while handling the ballast lights, as you do not want to inadvertently shock yourself during the installation process.

Purchasing a high pressure sodium ballast kit to build your own grow light can be a safe, inexpensive and simple process. It is important to follow all of the instructions for installing your new light. There are many things to consider while purchasing your new lighting system, but luckily the High Pressure Sodium Ballast lighting systems have a lot of advantages to their credit, and very few disadvantages. Luckily these lights, once installed properly, should provide strong light, and last a very long time. Your energy bills will thank you for choosing such an energy efficient system, and your plants will certainly benefit as well.

Mark Hudson has been an indoor gardening hobbyist for over 10 years. He is an expert in high pressure sodium and indoor gardening.

Article Source: Building Your Own HPS Grow-Lights

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