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BCuzz Makes Bloombastic Plant Nutrients

Author: Susan Slobac

B Cuzz is the plant nutrient company that brings you useful plant nutrients and biological stimulants like bloombastic that cause plants to grow quickly to achieve maximum bloom and fruit production. Now you do not have to wait as long to enjoy your flowers or fruits, because your indoor plants can achieve maturity much more quickly with help from Bloombastic.

Depending on the types of indoor plants you grow and how they are grown, the plants will rely more heavily on certain plant nutrients at certain times throughout their growth cycles. The mineral nitrogen, one of the plant macronutrients that all plants require for growth, also has a tendency to produce foliage at the expense of flowers. This is a good thing if you are trying to grow lettuce or other leaf crops, but not so great if you are trying to grow tomatoes, for example. There are a slew of both macro and micronutrients that all plants need to grow and develop properly; missing even one of them, or not having them in the right proportions to each other, can cause plants to not grow and even die.

People who practice hydroponic gardening as well as soil gardening understand this theory very well. You will not have much luck growing plants hydroponically if you do not provide them with the critical nutrients that they require to reach maturity. This is why using the correct hydroponic nutrients that are suited to your particular plants is so critical for your growing success. Because hydroponic plants are grown in water, they will receive no nutrition whatsoever from minerals contained in soil, but instead rely on the gardener to provide them with everything that they need for survival.

Atami Bloombastic by B'Cuzz takes all the guesswork out of combining plant hydroponic nutrients in the correct formula for plant growth. Atami Bloombastic has a unique blend of minerals so that your plants, in every part of their growth cycle, will receive exactly what they need for remarkable growth. The minerals are formulated to work sequentially with each other, thus achieving maximum gains by the plant throughout the entire course of its life cycle.

Another feature of this B'Cuzz product is that it can be used in conjunction with any growing medium. If you garden hydroponically or aeroponically, the Atami Bloombastic can be added right into the nutrient water where they will be released to the plants' roots. Those who garden in soil can mix it with water and use a watering can to dispense it to the plants, both with equal success.

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BCuzz Makes Bloombastic Plant Nutrients