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Aerogrow Aerogarden Tips

The AeroGrow AeroGarden is the best way to start a garden indoors. This is a hydroponic system, which means no dirt and no mess! You put water and plant food in the base, along with the seeds. The light fixture is on top.

I love the aerogarden! my husband got me one for Christmas last year. He was in Iraq all year and having the warm light and growing plants was so cheering for me...especially in the long winter months. My mom liked it so much that we got one for her for christmas this year! Thank you for a wonderful product that grows plants AND cheer!

I'm a vegetarian that prefers to eat as clean as possible, but I don't like buying "organic" fruits/vegetables in the store as they don't look very good. I do love many varieties of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs to use in cooking, so I can keep my foods flavorful yet salt free as I never use salt. I'm looking forward to using the herb kit that comes with the AeroGrow AeroGarden to grow fresh herbs in my kitchen to use in my cooking. I honestly think this is one of the best tools any kitchen should have to be able to grow fresh tomatoes and lettuce, and herbs as I live in the Northeast US and by September, these items are out of season, and in the grocery stores, they look terrible as they have to be shipped in. It's also great to start spring gardens with your AeroGarden and get a head start on your outdoor garden.

As soon as I got the AeroGrow AeroGarden, the first thing I started to grow was the salad greens kit that came with it. I was shocked to find them immediately sprouting in about 3 days! I didn't have a very green thumb before I got the aerogarden... now I can grow anything!!! So far I have grown the salad greens, and a variety of flowers when I don't feel like planting veggies. It's really great, and all of my friends are so enthused when they see it in my apt.

The only bad thing about this I can think of is the calcium buildup/deposits from the water. It didn't happen with the greens, but when I grew my own flowers (using the master gardening kit) there was a lot of buildup around the unused holes. I think it's because I should have covered the unused holes. It caused annoying cleanup just about every day, but I think the next time I grow something I will buy those covers for it.

We have very very short growing seasons here. I am loving the fact that I have fresh lettuce for my lunch sandwiches every day. The real treat for me will be trying the seed starting kit. I have wanted to grow watermelons for a few years now but our growing season is too short and melons turn out stunted and frequently never ripen. The other problem with a short season is that just when plants are starting to look their best, it snows and they die. I want to get my garden started early this coming spring and have them well on their way before planting outside. I just ordered the romaine kit and excited to have this growing during the winter!! I was amazed at how fast my salad greens kit grew. They were all germinating in 48 hours and all 7 pods are producing a plenty! I'm looking forward to the romaine doing the same.

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