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The Advantages Of An Aerogarden

By: Robert Mcdonough

The Aerogarden is an indoor garden, which is dirt-free and fool proof. Since it is easy to use, anyone can start growing beautiful plants in 365 days. The Aerogarden allows you to grow almost anything without worrying about weeds, dirt, and experience in gardening. The success in growing plants using the Aerogarden is guaranteed as it is simple to use. It has a microprocessor system that tells you the right time to put the correct amount of water and nutrients. More so, it has a lighting system that adjusts the lighting for your plants. This lighting system turns on and off automatically in order to determine when the amount of light is enough for nurturing the plants.

You can obtain several advantages using the Aerogarden. It can bring color and life to a dull area in your home or office; bring garden indoors during critical gardening weathers such as fall or winter; grow fresh flowers all year round to liven up your home; start seeds indoors and transport to your outdoor garden; harvest fresh herbs for cooking; and freshen the air in any area in your home or office.

You can grow vegetables in your countertop using the Aerogarden. You can purchase Aerogarden seed kits that include chili peppers, green beans, mega cherry tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and ruby heirloom tomatoes among others. These seeds can be harvested in ten weeks but continuous harvest will last for 6 months.

You can also grow herbs using the Aerogarden and use your harvest to spice up your personal recipes. You can grow Tuscan Italian Herbs, Pesto basil, gourmet herbs, south of the Border herbs, International herbs, and even customize the variety of herbs that you would like to plant through custom herb kit. Continuous harvest of these herbs can last up to 5 months but you can begin harvesting in 4 weeks.

The Aerogarden also offers kits that include flower seeds such as scented blooms, mountain meadow, splash of color, incredible edibles, English cottage, cascading blooms, lots of lavender, and custom flower varieties. The flowers begin to bloom in 30 days but continuous blooms will last up to 4 months.

You can also grow live plants through available Aerogarden kits such as garden starter tray and master gardener deluxe. Your live plants can grow and be cut from your outdoor garden.

A typical Aerogarden kit includes everything you need to grow and harvest for a full season. The kit includes nutrient tablets, tending and harvesting guide, plug and grown, and Bio-Dome seed pod. The nutrient tablets contain the elements your plant would need in order to grown. These tablets release sufficient nutrients for your plants to survive. Consequently, the tending and harvesting guide is a set of tips that tells you the basics of growing plants. It also includes FAQ as well as original recipes. Finally, the plug and grow Bio-Dome seed pod includes labels, seeds, dome, basket, and grow sponge, which is perfect for young seedlings. It provides a mini-greenhouse surrounding without worrying of tedious assembly. You only have to plug it to Aerogarden holes.

Tending to your garden doesn't have to be so complicated! Purchase a mantis tiller and take some of the work out of gardening.

You may not be known for having a green thumb, but you can surprise your critics with an aerogarden- practically fool proof and great for anyone!

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