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Aeroflo Aeroponic System

Aeroponic systems are getting more and more popular among hydroponics growers around the world. This system has always been thought of as a very difficult system to run with the chance that things will go wrong at any time. However, aeroponics, especially with the aeroflo aeroponic system is actually a lot easier to run than you would think. Yes, there is always that chance that a pump could go out and you could have catastrophic consequences; however, this could potentially happen to any hydroponic system that uses pumps (which are pretty much all of them). Think of it like a sports car. A Ferrari is more demanding to drive than a Ford, but it sure does outperform that other car!

But, the benefits of using an aeroponic system are quite large. This system yields the highest growth out of any of the hydroponic systems on the market. It turns out that air is the best medium you can use! The aeroflo aeroponic system does just this by delivering a super oxygenated nutrient solution to your plant's roots. Not only does this high oxygen nutrient solution help these plants grow faster than ever, they grow stronger than ever before and become more resilient to pests and diseases.

Because of this increase in growth, you can actually flower your plants sooner. This aeroponic system works so well that your plants will reach optimal flowering size quite a bit sooner than other methods of indoor growing. This system is perfect for the sea of green method which is said to be the most effective way to grow. By growing more smaller plants, you will see a higher yield for your grow space than if you were growing fewer, bigger plants. The aeroflo system helps enhance this sea of green process. And because this is an aeroponic system, you can actually start your clippings/clones right in the system instead of having to transplant from one system to another.

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