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Organic Indoor Vegetable Gardening With Low Maintenance

By Allen M Wilson

Indoor vegetable gardening can be a great way to produce fresh produce and add beauty to your home. Most homes have potted plants growing inside, so it only makes sense to grow plants that will also produce vegetables. What many people don't realize, is just how productive an indoor vegetable garden can be.

When gardening indoors, you have the advantage of being able to control the environment. You can give the plants just what they need as far as temperature and other growing conditions. When indoors you are not at the mercy of the weather or soil conditions and you can grow food al year long. One of the limiting factors of indoor gardening is light. Unless you have a sunny window, you may have to add artificial lighting.

If you really want to take your indoor vegetable gardening to the next level, aquaponics is taking indoor gardening by storm. This form of gardening is quickly becoming popular because it is an easy way to grow a lot of vegetables in a small amount of space, with very little maintenance.

With aquaponics you grow plants and fish together, where the plants get their nutrients from fish wastes and the plants clean the water for the fish. One of the most common pets in homes are fish. Instead of running the water through a filter, as with common aquariums, the water is circulated through your grow bed. Or in more simple systems the plants are planted in floating pots directly in the tank.

Either way, this creates a natural system where the plants and fish benefit each other. You get healthy plants that are given all the nutrients they need. Plants grown this way can be highly productive, bringing you loads of fresh organic vegetables. And if you choose to grow fish like catfish, tilapia and many other types of food fish, you can also raise fresh clean organic fish to eat. And if you don't like that idea, many people just raise them to look at or to sell to other aquarium owners.

With aquaponics there you don't have to use chemical fertilizers, and once a system is mature, it becomes very low maintenance. The fish and the plants pretty much take care of each other. You just have to make sure the fish are fed, either with food you buy or food you grow yourself. And if that is too much work for you, there are automatic feeders that will do it for you.

If you want to grow an indoor vegetable garden and like the idea of raising fish too, you might as well combine the two and and get spectacular results. Learn how to set up an inexpensive and simple aquaponics system with this aquaponics guide. The step by step instructions will have you growing fresh vegetables and fish in a short amount of time. aquaponics guide TilapiaFarming.org

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