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How To Make Orchids Bloom - Which Fertilizer To Use

By Marian O

So now you have yourself a beautiful orchid, or perhaps several, and you'd like to learn how to make orchids bloom. More than likely you have a perfectly healthy plant that you have been caring for properly. You've been making sure that its root-balls get thoroughly soaked at least once a week and that it receives sufficient light. All is good, except for the fact that perhaps that beauty just doesn't get on with the blooming. Well my friend, you have the power to turn that pretty orchid into something truly amazing!

Apart from water, in order for orchids to thrive and become all they can be, they need nutrition in the form of fertilizer. They don't need as much as most other plants, but they need it and you need to be careful because too much of a good thing could burn their sensitive roots. Once you understand a little more about fertilizing and become comfortable with it, you'll know how to make orchids bloom and you'll see that by feeding your orchids properly, they will be healthier, happier, and reward you with many more beautiful blooms and strong, lovely leaves!

Basically, fertilizers come in several forms; slow-release, granular, tablets, sticks and liquids. For orchids that are living indoors, your best bet is going to be to use either a liquid or a slow release fertilizer. These forms of fertilizer will best distribute nutrients throughout the soil of your indoor orchids. Let's discuss the two preferred methods of fertilizing your indoor plants;

Method #1 - Fertilizing The Slow-Release Way

You'll find your slow-release type of fertilizer under the name of Osmocote and Dynamite. Both of these are small pearl shaped little shells that will slowly release nutrients into the soil of your plant. This way you can avoid the danger of over-feeding and possibly burning the roots. You might find these products a little pricey, but keep in mind that you will only have to apply once every few months (be sure to follow label directions, as each product varies.) This method is especially easy because there is no mixing required, therefore making it a favorite among gardeners and avid orchid growers alike. This is a great method for outdoor feeding as well.

Method #2 - Fertilizing The Liquid Way

Goodness! There are so many different kinds of liquid fertilizers that it is impossible for me to talk about all of them now. The most important thing you need to know is that they are added to your watering container in the manner instructed on the label of the brand you choose. They are very easy to mix with your water and will give your plants a regular amount of nutrients controlled by you. Again, you might consider these a little costly, but you only use small amounts... so they do last a good while also.

There is so much more ground to cover in trying to learn how to make orchids bloom. So much interesting information on the macro-nutrients in fertilizers and the special functions each one has. But for now, I hope I have left you with a bit of knowledge to get you started. Go ahead, choose one of the above methods and start getting your pretty orchids well-fed. They'll love you for it!

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