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Advantages of Indoor Hydroponic Systems

Indoor hydroponic systems are more efficient than regular soil growing systems, whether for commercial production or personal use. Hydroponic systems allow the indoor gardener to have total control of all factors influencing the plant's growth. In nature, your plant would be dependent on varying light cycles and the availability of nutrients in the soil. In an indoor hydroponic system, you control the amount and duration of the light, contents and concentration of nutrient solution, and the area available for growth. Plants grown in pots may hit growth plateaus when they become root-bound, requiring messy and difficult transplanting. A properly designed hydroponic system can avoid this and many other problems commonly found with soil.

In a hydroponic garden, the plants absorb nutrients directly from the nutrient solution. It is impossible to overfeed a hydroponically grown plant because the roots will not absorb more than the plant can handle. When growing with soil, overwatering or overfeeding can be fatal because the soil can become waterlogged and lead to root rot. It is still possible to burn the roots if your hydroponic nutrient solution is too concentrated, so be careful when fertilizing.

Hydroponic growing increases the productivity of both you and your plants. Because all of the nutrients are instantly available to the plant's roots, it will not have to waste any energy on spreading out and searching for nutrients as it would in soil. You will also eliminate weeding time and reduce pest and disease infestations. Most garden pests are found in the soil, making indoor hydroponic systems a cleaner way to grow.

Growing hydroponically is also better for the environment than soil growing. Fertilizers are recirculated within the hydroponic system and pesticides and weed killers are not necessary, which reduces pollution. Hydroponically grown vegetables have also been shown to be healthier for you as they typically contain more vitamins and minerals than field grown produce.

Indoor hydroponic systems increase the efficiency of your garden in many ways. You can grow more plants in a smaller area because smaller pots are required with hydroponics. Most systems include some type of automated watering system (drip, pump, etc.), making them low maintenance operations. You can also combine your indoor hydroponic system with your regular outdoor garden to maximize the growing season.

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