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Voodoo Juice Elixir For Your Hydroponic Plants And Roots

by: Advanced Nutrients

Plants synthesize their food from water and carbon dioxide with the aid of sunlight. Besides water and carbon dioxide that are the building blocks of plant food, plants also require other minerals like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus in large quantities as well as some trace elements like boron, cobalt, etc. While trace elements are available in soil in ionic forms or in your hydroponic nutrient formulas, nitrogen which is one of the most abundant elements in the atmosphere is available in the form of N2 which plants cannot absorb.

Plants can absorb only nitrates (NO3-) ions. Here’s where Voodoo Juice, a beneficial bacteria root booster from Advanced Nutrients, comes to your rescue. Vodoo juice is a proprietary blend of 8 super-strains of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR), that convert the nitrogen into an absorbable form. PGPR colonize plant roots and promote plant growth by increasing nutrient availability and reducing damages by insects and harmful microbes.Advanced Nutrients has conducted extensive, multi-phase scientific research to develop super strains of PGPR that will work best for the plants you grow and ensure that they do not suffer from lack of nitrogen.

When plants suffer from nitrogen deficiency they cannot synthesize nucleic acids, DNA, amino acids and also chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is vital for photosynthesis. If your plants are suffering from nitrogen deficiency, their growth will be poor and they will look sick. Leaves will lose their green colour and appear pale or yellow. Lower leaves may start yellowing first as nitrogen is made available to newer leaves to prevent the plant from dying. Flowering and fruiting will be delayed. This will directly smash the yields from your hydroponic gardens.

Just like you need protein (source of nitrogen/amino acids) after workouts and throughout the day to have a healthy body structure, so do plants require them for healthy growth. To protect your plants from nitrogen deficiency, use Voodoo Juice in your plant root zone in the early growth phase, early flowering phase, during cloning and transplanting and when growing from seedlings.

Voodoo Juice contains Paenibacillus, nitrogen fixing bacteria super strain that converts N2 into ammoniacal nitrogen. The other super strains in Voodoo Juice are of the Bacillus species. They convert ammoniacal nitrogen into nitrates (NO3- ions) that can be absorbed by the plants for their growth. Not only do the super strains in Voodoo juice provide absorbable nitrogen to your plants but also auxins and cytokinins that regulate plant growth and development. The super strains in Voodoo juice also promote the germination and growth of beneficial fungi for your plants.

The better functioning root zone environment created by the use of Voodoo Juice will ensure that your plants develop to their maximum potential, your plant roots are branched, dense and have a lot of mass which will ensure maximum nutrient intake and thus lead to complete unlocking of the genetic potential of your plants.

Advanced Nutrients is the only hydroponic nutrient company that breeds its own beneficial microbes with the help of PhD scientists – the best in their field. To ensure that Voodoo Juice has a long shelf life and the super strains of bacteria do not replicate before they come in contact with your plant roots, they are put in hibernation by an ‘antagonist’ compound. Almost as if they are sleeping before they start working vigorously at your plant roots to maximise your plant’s growth potential.

The microbes remain dormant or in a sleepy state till you mix them in your nutrient reservoir. Once diluted, the bacteria in Voodoo Juice are released and start working right away wrapping themselves around your plant roots, maximising natural plant growth hormones and increasing root size and function so that more nutrients can be absorbed leading to dramatic, delightful growth, flowering and fruiting. In short, the best profits possible from your gardens.

Voodoo Juice can be used in hydroponic gardens as well as in soil. Voodoo Juice can be used by all growers – hobbyists, experts or grand masters. Great growth and potent, amazing yields are assured. Voodoo Juice will work the magic that you’ve always wanted in your gardens. Grow the best with Voodoo juice from Advanced Nutrients!

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