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Hydroponic Nutrients Help Your Plants Grow Big And Strong

By Susan Slobac

Without proper nutrition, all living things eventually will die. This is certainly true of plants grown indoors, that rely on fertilizers for food. If you practice hydroponics or aeroponics as a form of indoor gardening, then you know that the plant food appropriate for this type of gardening system is called nutrient. There are a wide variety of hydroponic nutrients available, and they are suited to the type of plants you are growing as well as the plant's stage in their life cycle. Advanced Nutrients and Bcuzz offer several good varieties of hydroponics nutrients.

Advanced Nutrients offers a range of hydroponic nutrients suitable for different plant performance needs. They make base fertilizers which are suitable for use as plant nutrition. The Advanced Nutrients called Sensi Bloom encourage your plants to produce a wealth of flowers, which is important if you are growing plants for their flowers, or if you are growing plants that require many flowers to produce a better yield of produce, such as tomatoes. Advanced Nutrients also offers an organic product called Iguana Juice hydroponic nutrients. This plant fertilizer helps to produce plants with strong branches and a large root system.

Advanced also offers fertilizer additives for specific purposes to enhance certain aspects of your plants. Big Bud is one of the most popular additives, and as the name suggests it focuses on the flowers of your plants, increasing the size and number of flowers they produce.

Bcuzz is another hydroponics nutrients provider that offers a complete line of plant food. Bcuzz comes in several different varieties. One popular one is their Bloom Stimulant. This nutrient helps increase the flower cell production in your plants, and it helps to increase the sugar molecules in flowers. This is important if you are growing fruiting vegetables such as tomatoes, or fruits like strawberries, both of which taste better when they are sweeter.

Bcuzz also makes a wonderful Foliar Boost, which is an organic product. This fertilizer is used to increase and improve the leaves and root zone of your plants, which is important if you are growing vegetables such as lettuce or ornamental plants such as hostas, where the focus is on the leaves.

A Growth Stimulant is also available from this same company. It provides a proprietary mix of proteins, amino acids, aqua-bacterias and micro-nutrients that bring your plants to the peak of perfection in size.

These are just a sampling of the superior hydroponics nutrients that are available to help your plants reach staggering proportions quickly.

From years of indoor and hydroponic gardening, Susan Slobac has developed an in-depth knowledge of hydroponic nutrients and writes frequently on the subject.

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