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Primary Plant Micronutrients

Primary plant macronutrients for the preparation of hydroponic nutrient solutions is represented by a group of inorganic salts containing one or more of the elements required by plants for growth. Because they need the input of a dozen items, you must then perform a combination of different salts in different proportions, so that the mixture obtained are present all the essential nutrients for the plant.

Hydroponic Macronutrient Solutions

It should be noted that in all hydroponic growing solution is impossible to achieve optimal primary plant macronutrients, or just covering all the requirements of the plant in different environmental conditions and at different stage of development, since it depends on a number of impossible to control variables such as temperature, humidity, day length, grow light intensity, plant species, varieties, development status and age, type of crop (leaf, fruit, root, bulb, stem, flowers , etc.).

Keep in mind that the ability of the plant to obtain the primary macronutrient mineral elements of the nutrient solution in a certain proportion to their needs is limited. For this to occur normally, the plant should find these items, also in a certain proportion, and that above certain values, a process of poisoning and below them, a phenomenon of malnutrition, causing both one or the other, the death of the plant.

Therefore, the formulation is getting a cocktail of hydroponic nutrients as close as possible to the optimum required by the plant. They leave the property with them, selecting the items they need to live, to make periodic corrections according to the changes that occur in environmental conditions or in the structure of the plant. The best hydroponic garden solutions offer all of the primary plant macronutrients needed to grow healthy crops.

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