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Winter Gardening

By Barbara Ellis

As the end of summer approaches, unfortunately far too quickly, all is not lost for gardening with some great ideas on bringing a piece of your garden indoors and creating a winter garden.
Studies have shown that as the year progresses the less sunlight and more dreary days we have, the more depressed we feel. Of course one of the best ideas is to take a trip to a sunny hot location, but that not being a choice for all of us or even in addition to taking a holiday you can create a winter garden. And the great part is, winter gardening doesn’t need to take up a lot of room in your house or apartment, it can be created in many ways to give that boost when you need it most!

The space you make for yourself should, if at all possible include a comfortable chair and some place to keep your plants. You can also add a bright picture of outdoors and a lamp (see further down for the types of lamps you can use).

Terrarium gardens can be an inexpensive way to start your winter garden. Start with a clear fish tank or fishbowl, place some colorful rocks, stones or marbles at the bottom and then add your plants. Depending on the size of your container you can plant a variety of plants and flowers, or if you prefer you can plant some flower bulbs. It is recommended that you plant at least one or two bright colored flower, just because of the color enhancement.

A herb garden is another way to bring your garden indoors for the winter and can even be transplanted outdoors if you chose to do so. The advantage to having a herb garden is that you can add fresh herbs to your favorite recipes! Try to keep your herb garden where it is going to get some natural light if possible; a great place is a windowsill. Buy a container that will fit on your windowsill or multiple pots, allowing some room for root growth.

When choosing the lighting for your indoor garden, try to choose one that will give the maximum sunlight like quality. There are lamps available on the market that simulate daylight and are used for people that have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorders) they provide a natural sunlight for health and well being. Light therapy is an effective and safe treatment for SAD, and although it is not fully understood why, it is a great natural remedy and well worth trying. They are fairly inexpensive, starting around 50 dollars US.

Don’t think of summer coming to an end as the end of your gardening season; simply convert your summer garden outdoors to a piece of sunshine indoors with your winter garden.

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