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Gardening Advice - Plant Herbs Indoors

by Lisa Tanady

Have you always wanted to have your own garden, and yet because you live inside a condo, you've never really got around to doing it? Well, don't lose hope - it's never too late to get started with indoor gardening. You can choose some plants that live well inside and which you can put in small pots and just place these in your porch or by your window sill. You can get the satisfaction of seeing your garden grow right inside your home, and if you decide to plant herbs and spices, you can even get the pleasure of eating your own produce!

Planting Herbs Indoors

Herbs and spices have been around for centuries. In fact, history even says that some countries were conquered because they have the best spices which were considered high valued commodities in the past. Herbs are loved for the distinct taste and aroma that they contribute to ordinary dishes. Other than being used for cooking, herbs are also known for their medicinal properties and the health benefits that they give the body. Sometimes they are also used for fragrance and beauty skin care products. What's great about herbs is they can be grown indoors and are not really that difficult to raise.

You can start your herb indoor gardening by planting oregano, thyme, basil and parsley. If you have just these four herbs, you can already have a kitchen full of possibilities, because of the flexibility of these herbs as culinary taste enhancers. Tarragon is another good herb that you can plant and use as a spice or as tea. It is known for its unique taste and its relaxing effect on the body.

You can plant these herbs in small pots, or if you do have a yard outside, you can make a bed of soil and plant your herbs there. If you don't have the luxury of space, just use small pots and hang or place these by your window so that you can easily reach out for them whenever you need them for your dishes.

If you please, you can buy decorative pots, plant herbs in them and scatter these around your house. Make sure there is enough drainage for the water to come out and that your plants are still exposed to the right amount of sunlight, even when they are indoors ost of the tie. Choose brightly colored pots that can also enhance the look of your living room or dining area.

Indoor gardening can be quite relaxing, and the benefits that you gain out of it are abundant. Read on plants other than your usual herbs and spices, that may grow well indoors and start appreciating a taste of nature inside your home.


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