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Grow Light Reflectors

Grow light reflectors are an important part of any good indoor hydroponic system, but they are often overlooked by hobby gardeners. Light is obviously a crucial growth factor for your plants and the best way to maximize light penetration and ensure a uniform distribution is to add a reflective hood to your garden grow lights. Quality grow light reflectors can usually be found for low prices, making this an extremely cost-effective way to boost your indoor garden's yield and productivity. When set up properly for your lighting system, the use of hydroponic reflectors can double or even triple your usable gardening area.

When choosing a grow light reflector, consider the size and shape of your indoor garden, the size and configuration of your hydroponic lights, and the intensity of the light you prefer. If possible, mount your plant grow lights horizontally along with a horizontal reflective hood to increase the usable light. Obviously, the size of your garden will detemine the largest reflector you can use. Keep in mind that smaller grow light reflectors will reflect the light toward the plants at a higher intensity because it has to travel a shorter distance.

Air-Cooled Reflectors

Air-cooled reflectors can also be found at slightly higher prices for indoor gardeners who need additional ventilation and heat control. This is an excellent choice for small spaces where the grow lights produce a lot of heat. It can be almost impossible to ventilate these types of hydroponic gardens by only using external fans. Grow lights with air-cooled reflective hoods are usually covered with a glass heat shield, allowing you to place the light closer to your plant canopy for better light penetration. Even gardeners with no special cooling requirements may prefer the added efficiency of combining the hydroponic lighting and ventilation system in one unit. If you have the extra cash to spare, most gardeners would recommend using air-cooled reflectors.