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CFL Grow Light Advantages

Compact fluorescent (CFL) grow lights have several advantages over metal halide and high-pressure sodium light bulbs, especially for small-scale indoor gardeners. It can be difficult to find a high-intensity discharge bulb small enough to not burn plants grown in a small area. By using CFL light bulbs, a hydroponic grower can add more lights until the desired total wattage is reached.

CFL light bulbs of the past only emitted blue light, which is good during the vegetative phase, but not the flowering phase. Today's compact fluorescent grow lights are available in Daylight (blue spectrum) and Soft White (red spectrum) varieties. This allows indoor gardeners to mix-and-match the bulbs to create the proper light spectrum for their plants' current stage of growth. CFL grow lights are also sold in various shapes, which makes it easy to fit the bulbs into any type of hydroponic gardening system.

Less heat is generated by CFL grow lights than comparable HID lights, so you do not need to buy extra fans to keep your indoor garden cool. This also helps you maximize the amount of light received by the plants because you do not have to worry about burning the leaves. For best results, place your CFL garden lights three or four inches away from each plant. CFL bulbs can be installed in standard light fixtures without the use of any special ballasts or sockets.

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