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Tomato varieties for hydroponics production

There are about several varieties of tomatoes developed specifically for growing in hydroponics applications including Apollo, Belmondo, Caruso, Dombito, Larma, Perfecto, Trend, and Trust.

Tomatoes - Varieties for hydroponics production

Vegetative growth of these varieties is continual and doesn't stop once flowering is induced. This is know as inderterminate morphology. This process creates tomatoes with long vines and they must be trained and tied to maximize space and controlling the plants.

Seeds for these hybrid varieties can be fairly expensive. Because of the price tag on these varieties, some growers opt. to germinate seeds from mature fruit, however, similar characteristics of the successive generations are not guaranteed to resemble the parent plants.

To avoid inconsistencies, hobby Gardeners prefer to take clones or vegetative cuttings from parent plants. For commercial production, this decision can be costly. For example, if clones are disease and pest ridden, taking clones on a large scale could out weight the cost of purchasing seeds.

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Apollo, Belmondo, Caruso, Dombito, Larma, Perfecto, Trend, Trust

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