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Garden Climate Controller

Environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels can have drastic effects on your plants' growth. Using a garden climate controller can help you keep all of these variables within their ideal ranges and maximize the growth of your indoor plants.

Basic Garden Climate Controller

The cheapest and most basic garden climate controller usually controls only temperature and humidity and runs your exhaust fans when needed. For an small additional charge, CO2 controls can be added to most basic models. This allows you to coordinate all of your environmental controls in one place without spending hundreds of dollars on a controller that is more sophisticated than you need. Most home indoor gardens can be handled effectively with just the basic climate controller.

Complete Garden Climate Controller

If you have a more complex hydroponic garden setup or need a fully-automated system, you can purchase a complete garden climate controller. These are especially useful if for people who travel frequently and cannot maintain their garden regularly. They typically include a timer with several outlets to control different banks of grow lights, along with outlets and thermostat controls for your exhaust fans or dehumidifiers. Water pumps are activated by a timer and many climate controllers include a photo sensor, allowing you to conserve energy by running your pumps only when the grow lights are off.

Another advantage worth the extra expense of a complete garrden climate controller is the control it gives you over your CO2 system. Most controllers allow you to coordinate the infusion of carbon dioxide with the exhaust fans to cut down on wasted CO2.

Other "extras" found on some types of garden climate controllers:

  • An additional outlet that is only activated when the lights are off, allowing you to set up a "night mode" for your garden.
  • Flood sensors that will shut down the entire system to prevent many common gardening mishaps.
  • Photo sensors that can recognize natural sunlight and adjust the night mode programming accordingly. This allows gardeners to supplement their garden grow lights with natural light without adjusting their garden climate controller.