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Plant grow chamber

Technically, grow chambers are not classified as a hydroponics growing technique. It's actually a housing or a container for the hydroponics system, accessories and lighting fixture.

Plant cultivation (grow) chamber

Grow chambers are perfect for the home grower because the system is enclosed, putting everything in one container and out of view. Of course, keeping your grow space nice and neat is only one of the many benefits a grow chamber offers.

Some systems are approximately the size of a refrigerator allowing you to grow your plants in one side of the chamber and mother plant with clones in the other. Grow chambers varies in size. The Phototron, for example, is much smaller than the PowerGrow system. Phototron lights illuminate plants from the side because they are placed vertically in the cube. Placing light vertically illuminate the whole plant without lost of lumens on the lower section of plants.

Most systems are built with a reflective interior to efficiently distribute light and increase the amount of lumens reaching the plants, resulting in a higher yield. Some systems are build with Foylon reflective interior to maximize luminescence to 99% light reflectivity.

A Co2 tank may be added to increase Carbon dioxide. If you paid attention in biology, you should know that plants intake Co2 and release oxygen. The system usually comes with built in ventilation for removing stale air and prevent heat build up. Some systems use VHO (Very High Output) fluorescent bulbs which does not generate as much heat as HID's or HPS lamps, but still offer a high lumen output. Using cool burning lamps allow you to place the plants closer to the lights for maximum intensity without burning tender foliage.

Benefits of using a grow chamber
1. Self-contained
2. Energy efficient
3. Ventilation
4. Reflective interior maximizing light intensity and illumination
5. * Co2
6. Grow continuously (replace harvested plants with clones)
7. Eliminate odors
8. Humidity control

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Additional notes:
Overall grow chambers are an effective and efficient way to grow plants in a small self-contained area of your home. However, it's not recommended for people growing tall plants. Because the grow area is constricted to a specific height, plants that exceed the height of the system will possibly burn on the lamp, bend and block other plants from receiving light.

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