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Grow lights FOR YOUR HYDROPONIC GARDEN - Grow Light Movers

Along with water, hydroponic nutrients, CO2 and oxygen, grow light is the key basic component, required by plants to live. Providing additional light is necessary for indoor gardening. Furthermore, light should resemble the sunlight as much as possible. The major concern with other types of lights is that they do not produce light in the appropriate spectrum, required by plants.

Light Movers

Of course, none of the indoor lighting systems can substitute the sunlight. Artificial light is much less intense, so it is necessary to place it close to the growing plants. However, this is also not that good, because it may cause overheating of the growing medium or even burning of the plants. Besides, when light is close to the plants, it may lead to the so-called pyramidal effect, when the plants, closest to light source, grow much quicker than those at the distance from the light bulb.

Moving plants around may be a solution for that problem. However, it is not that always easy to move plants, sometimes it is practically impossible. The only way out in that case is to move light around the plants.

Special devices, called light movers, exist to move light. There are two types of light movers: linear and circular. Linear light movers move light lamps back and forward, while circular light movers can move 2 or 3 grow lamps around the circle. Linear movers can be used in rectangular shaped garden, while circular devices are suitable for round gardens as well.

Light movers help to prevent plants burning, and, at the same time, they help to increase the area, covered with light, and to balance the light received by plants that grow at different parts of the garden. Unlike stationary light, light movers provide lighting of the plants from many angels, resulting in better light distribution.

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