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Greenhouse Accessories

by Garry John

Accessorizing your greenhouse isn't quite the same as accessorizing any other 'room' in your home. Greenhouse accessories aren't a fashion statement - they're functional things like shelves, misters, irrigation systems, covers and heaters that increase the functionality of your greenhouse. What greenhouse accessories should you consider if you're building a new (or refurbishing an old) greenhouse? It depends a great deal on how you use your greenhouse and where it is.

Among the greenhouse accessories you might consider are thermometers and humidity gauges, automatic plant misting systems, plant lighting options, soil sterilization and treatment kits, potting benches, specialty shelving systems that can create mini-greenhouses within the greenhouse, shades and shelters and venting and roof openers.

Potting benches
Potting benches are one of the most useful greenhouse accessories you'll invest in. Generally, a potting bench has one or two shelves to hold potting supplies like pots, dirt and fertilizer, and a slatted top with a tray to make it easy for you to clean. By keeping all your potting supplies on one easy to move potting bench, you save yourself all sorts of steps and labor and keep everything you need close at hand.

Greenhouse shelving
There are a number of different styles of specialty shelving for greenhouses that can be counted as greenhouse accessories. Grow shelves are aluminum frames into which you can fit seedling trays. Grow shelves often come with UV stabilized plastic covers to create greenhouse conditions within the greenhouse for starting new plants or isolating specialty plants that need different conditions than standard.

Misting Propagation Systems
One of the most important factors for healthy growth and propagation of plants is the moisture in the air. Automatic misters can maintain the high humidity needed by rooting plants. They're available with timers that you can set to mist the entire greenhouse at specified intervals, or with moisture sensors that will send out a cooling mist whenever the moisture content of the air falls below a specific density. A misting propagation system can be one of the important greenhouse accessories in a greenhouse that grows tropical plants, or in which you intend to often start plants from leaf cuttings. There are many choices that can be both affordable and useful.

Rainwater Systems
For the eco-conscious gardener with a greenhouse, rainwater systems allow you to collect rainwater via gutters and downspouts and reuse it for irrigation and watering of your plants. Remember the old-fashioned rain barrel? Welcome to the modern version, which will automatically recycle rainwater for use in your greenhouse.

Lighting Greenhouse Accessories
Grow lights are one way to increase the amount of available full-spectrum light for your plants, particularly during northern winters when days are short. They come in full kits that include wiring, or as individual lights that can be set up for specific purposes.

Whatever the needs for your greenhouse, you'll find greenhouse accessories that are specially designed to fit the needs and help you grow lush, beautiful plants with a minimum of effort.

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