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Fertilizers Ingredients for Crop Growth

In continues growth of a plant, fertilizers play an important role. These fertilizers are blended with all essential nutrients responsible for healthy growth and development of a plant. Since soil doesn’t contain all the required nutrients necessary for plant’s augmentation, a well panned fertilizer feeding to crop seems required.

Most of the fertilizers contain numerous nutrients including nitrogen, potassium and phosphate and several other ingredients based on the type of soil and nutritional needs of the crops. Now if putting a glance on the categories of the fertilizers, these are categorized in two primary categories namely organic and inorganic. Organic fertilizers are extracted from animal wastes, crop residues and several additional byproducts of living organisms. On other side, inorganic fertilizers are meant for improving the overall productivity of the soil and have proven prominent plant growth regulators.

There available a wide variety of fertilizers, however it is very necessary to choose an essential fertilizer depending upon the nutritional behavior of the soil and the growing stage of plants. It's again an important task supply the required type of nutrients to plants at certain stages that acts as plants growth regulators. Fertilizer ratio must be considered before planting the crops. It retains the moisture and slow nutrient release to the individual crops. Fertilizers that contain phosphorus, help plants in healthy growth and development. Chemical fertilizers are another prominent kind of fertilizer that is produced by inorganic components synthetically.

Interestingly, plants need Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus as three major fertilizer ingredients found in organic fertilizers. Nitrogen is most copious ingredient among all. Apart from that magnesium is present in chlorophyll that helps plant to gain energy from direct sunlight. Some fertilizer ingredients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium are generally given in plants in good quantity; however other ingredients like sulpher, magnesium, copper and zinc are given in minute amount.

If properly applied, organic fertilizers are effective in improving the overall health of the plants, enhancing soil productivity and providing different vital nutrients required for better plant growth. Organic fertilizers are available in liquid as well as in solid form. Liquid fertilizers enable soil to have healthy plant root systems that further improve the aeration needed for soil organism to survive.

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Article Source: Fertilizers: Ingredients for Crop Growth

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